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Support PA Farmers, CSA in PA

We all know that shopping at local PA farmers markets is one of the best ways to support Pennsylvania Farms, PA Farmers, and local economies - simply by purchasing delicious and fresh food from local farmers and farmers markets.

A fresh vegetable, fruit, or meat from a PA Farmers Market is unlike anything that you can buy in a store. The flavor, tenderness and juiciness are simply the best. And best of all by purchasing locally-grown food from markets and farmers you are bringing money PA Farmers Produce into your community! The community atmosphere that local PA Farmers Markets and local Farmers can build is simply unique.

Help Each Other

Supporting local farmers helps sustain local communities. Only about 18 cents out of every dollar spent at grocery stores actually goes to the farmer who produced the crops because of all of the middlemen required to transport and sell produce at a grocery store. Farmers markets allow a greater percent of the money to go to the farmer, which can in turn be invested in the community and to further local interests, rather than going to large corporations that usually do not have the needs of the community in mind.


While shopping locally, keep in mind that buying organic ensures the health of the environment by preventing harmful chemicals from entering soil and water systems.Organic agriculture protects the health of the ecosystem, the producers and the consumers by reducing toxins involved in agriculture. Supporting organic farms is another important way to protect the health of the ecosystem and further the actions of farms that do not use pesticides.

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